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        1.   In 1995, Fushun and construction machinery manufacturers-Acer Bridge Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Fushun welcome to visit the website.The company is mainly mechanical excavators in China and holds an important position in a 20-tonne excavator.Advisory and welcome new and old customers to buy the company's products.
          Fushun Hongqiao Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
          Addr.: No.25 Changchun Str., Shuncheng District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province, China 113006
          Tel:+86-024-57641201 Fax:+86-024-57644168 Sales Manager:Zhao Liang Mobile:13841343456 Email:cnwajueji@126.com
          www.66300ee.com(China excavator) website designing:and manufacturing of Internet business online:www.7113.com